2016 Canadian Income Tax Calculator
Tax calculator designed to estimate your 2016 tax return

Small Business Finance Centre
The Government of Ontario provides grants for eligible small business owners

Grants for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs
The Leadership Grants Organization of Canada

Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED)
Tax incentive program administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) to encourage businesses to conduct Research and Development (R&D) in Canada

Corporation Tax Rates
Federal, provincial and territorial rates, as provided by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Individual Income Tax Rates
Federal, provincial and territorial rates, as provided by the CRA for given years

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board
Oversees workplace safety education and training, provides disability benefits, monitors the quality of health care, and assists in early and safe return to work

Business Account Registration
How to register for a CRA Business Number (BN), as well as additional accounts such as GST/HST or payroll

Keeping Business Records
The CRA’s record-keeping requirements for businesses

CRA: Deduct, remit and report CPP, EI, and income tax; complete and file information returns; and use the Payroll Deductions Online Calculator (PDOC)

Goods and Services Tax/Harmonized Sales Tax (GST/HST)
CRA: Register, collect, pay and report GST/HST

Self-Employed: Sole Proprietorships and Partnerships
Information from the CRA on the taxation of self-employment income, business deductions, etc.

Employed or Self-Employed?
A CRA publication that can be viewed and downloaded in a variety of formats

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Persons with Disabilities
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

International & Non-Resident Taxes
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Work-Space-in-the-Home Expense Deductions
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Which Medical Expenses are Eligible?
Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)

Motor Vehicle Expense Deductions
Canada Revenue Agency: You can deduct expenses you incur to run a motor vehicle you use to earn business income

Penalties, Interest and Other Consequences
Canada Revenue Agency: If you do not fulfill your obligations or comply with the CRA’s payroll requirements, you may be assessed a penalty, interest, or incur other consequences