Addendum Business Plan

After I wrote and posted the earlier blog entry, I went back and reread it and felt that something was missing. I now believe that there are some entrepreneurial ideas that are evolving so rapidly that each day almost requires a new plan. In the Hi-tech world, that is often the case. So if that is your dreamed of ‘path-to-riches’ you may just fly ‘by-the-seat-of-your-pants (skirt)’. Remember though, if you intend to raise funds (watch for that topic on a future blog in the New Year); you are going to need a business plan. Also for those of you who develop a business plan at the beginning, don’t just put it on a shelf, go back – at least once a year – and reread it. Determine if you are on track as you had intended. If not, it may be time to update the plan. A good time to reread and rethink the business plan is in January….

“The process of developing an annual plan should establish priorities for the coming year and become the basis for action”.

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