Just Do It

Over the years that I have been offering ‘business services’ to individuals and small business, I have been approached numerous times by would be entrepreneurs who want to ‘be their own boss’. Many individuals face a point in life where they believe that the time has come for them to take the step and go into business for themselves. If you are contemplating such a move and are questioning whether or not you have the skills to be successful at operating your own business STOP and seriously consider the following traits that are common with successful business owners…

  1.  Passion for your work. You care deeply about whether you succeed as a business owner and that your customers are satisfied.
  2. A person who takes action. Some people talk, others are quiet—but real entrepreneurs DO!
  3. Strong work ethic: You work until you have completed your checklist of tasks for the day.
  4. Ability to think strategically: You set objectives and find ways to accomplish them.
  5. Flexibility: You can handle working in a changing environment.
  6. Self-awareness: You understand your strengths and weaknesses.
  7. Humility, Part 1: You are willing to ask for help-and accept good advice when its offered.
  8. Humility, Part 2: You find employees, advisors, suppliers or even technology to do the things you cannot do yourself.
  9. Leadership: You have a vision and you can inspire other people to follow you towards a goal.
  10. Creativity: You are innovative.
  11. Self-discipline: You can control your ego and your creativity and keep your eye on realistic objectives.
  12. Financial Discipline: You are familiar with basic concepts of business finance and bookkeeping, and understand the need to budget resources.
  13. Good communication skills: You can sell your ideas to customers, partners, employees and other shareholders.

If after reflecting on the above and you have what it takes, follow the advice given by a company that grew from selling shoes from the trunk of a car to one of the World’s largest sporting goods companies and ‘JUST DO IT’.

The principles of All Year Taxation Limited have nurtured many individuals through the process from ‘dream-to-reality’. If you need help to go through the process, give us a call.

This blog was written with the help of RBC Small business Financial Services.